Are you ready to take control and finally see the results you’ve been looking for?

I believe in simple, yet elegant, fitness and nutrition solutions for busy people looking for a sustainable lifestyle change.

It doesn't have to be complicated. Despite what you may have read, you don’t have to work out 5 days per week, 90 minutes per day, and stick to a strict keto diet to get where you want to go.

Could you believe that starting with 15 minutes of exercise one or two times per week, and some small nutritional changes are actually a good place to start? What if I told you that there are ways other than planned exercise to burn the calories you need to finally achieve your goals? With only a small handful of changes you could start feeling better and seeing results in a short amount of time, and you can do it in a way to avoid the diet rebound that so many people go through.

Its important to understand that your results depend on consistency. You could have the most elaborate workout and nutrition plan in the world, but if you can't follow it consistently you won’t see progress. Working with me, you’ll learn about and experience small, sustainable changes over time that allow your body to adapt and change at the appropriate pace not only physically, but mentally as well.

Offering Weekly Virtual Classes on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings at 7:30 AM

Bodyweight workouts with no equipment needed
Warm-up, workout, cooldown with stretching
Beginner friendly
***If your income or well-being has been impacted by the coronavirus, please join us for free!***
Cost is sliding scale, $0-15. You’re welcome and valued in class, no matter what!
Zoom link will be sent out after sign-up

My Services

I offer three different services depending on what you need. Some people are looking for a bit of guidance and others either desire or need much more direction, support, and accountability from me.

Coaching and Training

Corporate Wellness

Strong Woman

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After a free consultation that includes an in-depth assessment of your goals, needs, and personal history, we will work together to figure out which of my services is best for you.

Success Stories

Don't take my word for it ...


... When I first met Dylan to discuss goals in April 2017, I was still on chemotherapy. My body was still recovering from a hemicolectomy surgery. I had 12 ft of my colon removed along with a tumor. He listened to all of my goals and started very small... Now I look in the mirror and tears swell up each time. Remember I said my core had no muscles after surgery? I’m now cancer free. I deadlift up to 80 lbs, bench press up to 60lbs, and I do 1m 15s planks. I ran a 5k trail run in August. That's only a small piece ... read the full testimonial.


Dylan checks every box I need in a personal trainer and nutritionist. As an extremely busy young professional I often found my workouts to be lackluster and in return I was not seeing the results I wanted. Dylan LISTENED to what my goals were and the pitfalls I had in my workout routine or lack there of. He designed a program and a plan that would fit my schedule AND deliver results. Now, I am motivated to get in the gym, eat the right things, and I don't have to sacrifice productivity to make that happen.