What to do When You’re Not Motivated

This article was published by Dylan Irving on: 03/19/19 1:28 PM

So what do you do when you’re not motivated?

Make decisions.

You’ll come to many points during your day where you have a chance to make a decision, despite your level of motivation:

Sit on the couch and watch tv, or go for a walk?

Scroll social media for five more minutes, or pack your lunch for tomorrow?

Have those fries as a side, or get a side salad?

One more episode on Netflix, or go to bed?

Tell yourself you can’t, or tell yourself you can?

These decisions may seem small when framed like this, and that’s good. You should be able to wrap your mind around them and see them as manageable rather than all-consuming. However, these small decisions add up over time. Let’s say you decide to go for a walk rather than watch tv three times during the week. How many steps would that add to your weekly total? Hint: walking for about 15 minutes at a moderate pace can be about 1,000 steps, or more.

What if you decided to go to bed an hour earlier three times per week, rather than watching another episode on Netflix. That’s an additional three hours to your weekly sleep total, and you know you should be sleeping more.

Do you know anyone who seems to make these decisions effortlessly? They decide to pass on the cake at the office without griping or self-deprecating. They probably realize that making that decision is within their power. 

Making those decisions is also within your power.

To be clear, you don’t even need to make these decisions 100% of the time! Just make them more often than you do now. Get used to making these decisions by practicing making them, and eventually, they’ll become more natural, even when you’re not motivated. Motivation isn’t a magical solution. Discipline is our safety net when motivation fails.

Take note of these decision points. Decide to make progress today. Nothing changes unless something changes, and sometimes it’s as simple as changing your mind.

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