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Charm City Strong Woman Contest, 10/25/2020

Posted on 2020-10-28 by Dylan Irving

Charm City Strong Woman Contest 2020, Pandemic Style Strong Woman Carly competed in the 9th Annual Charm City Strong Woman Contest (Pandemic style) on Sunday, and WHAT A DAY it was. She competed in the Master’s division and, because of the format for this comp, we got to choose Carly’s order of events, which is […]

Strong Woman U: Maximum Recoverable Volume

Posted on 2020-02-28 by Dylan Irving

Welcome to the first installment of the Strong Woman Education series! This info is intended to be helpful to you in your Strong Woman journey, and we’ll cover relevant topics that we don’t get to talk much about in person. Hopefully, this series will help explain why we train as we do. Our first topic is […]

The Biggest Loser Sucks

Posted on 2019-11-07 by Dylan Irving

*This post is about weight loss. If you’re not interested in losing weight now, or ever, that’s okay!* Do you remember The Biggest Loser? The first episode of The Biggest Loser aired on NBC in 2004. For 30 weeks (that’s about 7.5 months), contestants worked with personal trainers, doctors, and nutritionists to lose weight. Typically, […]

Strong Woman Sunday 7/21/19

Posted on 2019-07-23 by Dylan Irving

It was a hot weekend in Baltimore for some Circus Dumbbell practice. This Sunday, we did a deload workout (a workout of purposeful lower intensity designed to allow the body room to heal and adapt) followed by a session with the Circus Dumbbell. For our September competition, each competitor has 60 seconds to do as […]

Strong Woman Sunday 7/14/19

Posted on 2019-07-17 by Dylan Irving

It was the team’s introduction to the power stairs event. This Sunday, we had a great Strong Women team workout (strict press, squat, and vertical or horizontal pulls) followed by our introduction to the power stairs! For our September competition, each competitor has 60 seconds to load the weight onto the 14” platform, show control […]

One of the Most Overlooked Aspects of Corporate Wellness

Posted on 2019-07-12 by Dylan Irving

What’s one overlooked aspect of Corporate Wellness? Connecting businesses with reputable wellness companies in their area. Coach Brenna from Kicked Up Fitness made a special appearance as a guest coach at South Moon Under Headquarters in Annapolis. Kicked Up Fitness is only a few minutes from SMU, so it’s a convenient place for employees to […]

Strong Woman Sunday 6/23/19

Posted on 2019-06-24 by Dylan Irving

It was a great day for atlas stone practice. First we did a group workout that’s technically focused on neuromuscular patterning (which is just the fancy way of saying the workout is focused on honing excellent form so that in the coming months we get stronger in the correct patterns), and then we played with […]

Do Push-Ups The Right Way

Posted on 2019-03-28 by Dylan Irving

Strong Woman Sunday 3/24/19

Posted on 2019-03-26 by Dylan Irving

What to do When You’re Not Motivated

Posted on 2019-03-19 by Dylan Irving

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