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“Dylan is one of the good guys. He’s smart, funny, and compassionate. He loves what he does and his personality is very easy to get along with.

If you are looking for guidance on strength training or nutrition – Dylan is extremely well versed. But his compassion is the key (at least it is for me). I used to be an endurance athlete competing multiple times a year. Eventually, that didn’t excite me anymore and what happened next was downright depressing. One physical therapist put it best – “you are really strong at going in a straight line for a long time”. I wasn’t very strong doing other things. But I didn’t know this yet.

One day my back went out because not only was I doing the exercise wrong – I didn’t have the strength to do it in the first place. What a blow to the ego. I had been active all of my adult life going to the gym regularly and being very active outside. I couldn’t get over myself that I didn’t know how to do something or I wasn’t strong enough. And every time I made progress, I would eventually self-sabotage because my ego would get in the way. Step in Dylan (and his compassion). It was obvious from the start he knew what he was talking about. But I didn’t have any problem taking direction from someone I respected. I did have a big problem not being able to do the simplest of exercises safely and efficiently. It was a very humbling experience and Dylan guided me through it.

Before long – I was seeing real progress. I wasn’t in any more pain and regained the confidence I once had endurance training. Dylan not only taught me the proper way of exercising, but he also wasn’t just full of knowledge and exuded enthusiasm, he actually cared. He made adjustment after adjustment with no judgment. He reassured me when things were extremely difficult and he pushed me when I needed it. If you are looking for someone to actually coach you on physical fitness – Dylan is your man.

And don’t be surprised when you get more out of your time with him than just physical fitness.



“Dylan is simply amazing. I’ve been a member of multiple gyms, tried various trainers and fitness programs and unfortunately all have fallen short for one reason or another.

Dylan is not only insanely knowledgeable about his field but he’s sincerely one of the kindest and most genuine people that I’ve had the fortune of meeting.

Dylan helps me to push through setbacks that previously would have led me to quit trying.

I have been training for years, but working with Dylan has gotten me the strongest I’ve ever been, exceeding all of my own personal goals as well as any beliefs I could have had about how strong I would become.

I hit all new PR’s while training with Dylan this year, and was able to shatter my own records in my second strongwoman competition this past month. Dylan has helped me to be kinder to myself, to work through my struggles instead of throwing in the towel and supports me unconditionally even when I hit that inevitable wall. I can’t speak highly enough of Dylan and his exceptional training. ”



Success Client with Dylan Irving Fitness and Nutrition“Let me start by saying Dylan wasn’t my first trainer however he will be my last.

With my other trainers I saw progress, however, lacked consistency. I was always given a list of food and a work out routine all at once. It never lasted.

When I first met Dylan to discuss goals in April 2017, I was still on chemotherapy. My body was still recovering from a hemicolectomy surgery. I had 12 ft of my colon removed along with a tumor. He listened to all of my goals and started very small.

I had NO core muscles after this surgery and was weak from chemo. I remember when he left I thought how is this man going to fix me? How is he going to take this beat down body and fix it? He started with one thing at a time.

Logging my food, and going to the gym doing cardio twice a week.

Then he introduced weights, and still only 2 times a week. I still questioned things and wondered how he was gonna do it. I trusted him though and trusted the process. He told me to make this a lifestyle that it would be a process. I didn’t want a quick fix and he never lead me to believe it was. I wanted a healthy lifestyle. He gave me small nutrition goals and reasonable weight training goals. Each time he gave me a new goal he let me tell him when I felt comfortable with it and when I was ready for a new goal. By training me this way I really remembered and grasped each thing I was learning. I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all. It’s now February 2018 and I have never felt discouraged. This is now my new lifestyle and no longer a chore.

Now I look in the mirror and tears swell up each time. Remember I said my core had no muscles after surgery? I’m now cancer free. I deadlift up to 80 lbs, bench press up to 60lbs, and I do 1m 15s planks. I ran a 5k trail run in August.

That’s only a small piece.

Dylan took my broken soul, my broken body, and his fixed both. He is more than just a trainer in my eyes. He is the angel God sent me. Dylan made me believe in myself, and he gave me my life back. I often wonder how many extra years I will live because of one person’s passion. It doesn’t matter where your starting point is, I promise you Dylan will get you to the finish line. All you have to do is believe in yourself because trust me Dylan already does.”



“Dylan is an awesome trainer! I have seen other trainers in the past and none compare to Dylan’s Knowledge, Enthusiasm and Compassion! He has been able to get my all or nothing mind thinking outside the box, with ways to get my workouts done which has helped me Tremendously and improved my overall physical mobility!

Dylan understands that mental wellness is just as important as physical and is truly invested in his clients, unlike other trainers where I was an appointment and paycheck!

Dylan provides customized workouts, excellent advice and resources to help you succeed in your wellness journey! Once you go Dylan you never go back! ;)”



“I have been working with Dylan for almost a year. It has been the healthiest year of my life. As a young professional, I found it extremely difficult to find cookie cutter programs that fit my busy lifestyle and required little exercise science and nutrition knowledge.

After speaking with Dylan about my struggles I knew I was in good hands and that he could help me solve getting to the gym consistently, reaching my fitness goals, and eating the right things without feeling like I was on a restrictive diet. If you want to actually get on a plan that will deliver results and fit your lifestyle, hire Dylan immediately.”



“I worked with Dylan for a few years. I was never one to exercise regularly, be considered “in shape”, or ever had true motivation to be one.

I’m in my 40’s and have had such an amazing experience with Dylan.

Not only is he just a genuinely good person, but he is super encouraging and makes my workouts actually fun. I highly recommend working with him. No need to ever feel ashamed or scared of where you’re coming from, I promise you will leave feeling 100% better.”



“I have worked with Dylan in the past when he was with another fitness company. I had probably 5 or 6 different trainers at the time and Dylan was by far my favorite from the get go. He is extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and just a pleasure to work with. He has a way about him that makes you feel comfortable and confident. He will make you work hard, encourage you to push yourself, but it is well worth it.

I highly recommend Dylan one hundred times over. He is the real deal.”



“Dylan has somehow figured out how to be encouraging without being patronizing. He listens and figures out what it is that you need from him in order to make you successful in reaching your fitness goals. Dylan is a natural coach and it’s apparent that he loves the job that he’s incredible at.”



“Dylan has always been dedicated to health and fitness since I have known him. He relates to clients and is able to keep up with their progress and knows how to adjust training routines as needed. Most of all he shows an interest in the people he works with.”


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