The Lifestyle Jump-Start: Weight Loss

Jumpstart fitness weight loss program


This program is designed to arm you with information and teach you the skills necessary to take your fitness and nutrition into your own hands, in spite of your busy schedule and endless demands on your time.

When followed, this intensive 8 week program will give you exactly what you need to lose fat, get stronger, feel healthier, and take control of your life without needing to live in the gym. This program will help you turn everything you’ve learned into a lifestyle, where you’ll experience continued success.


Week 1) Intake and goal setting.

What are your goals? How does exercising and nutrition get you to your goals? Here we will determine what topics are best to focus on, and how to implement a plan.

Week 2) Water intake and walking.

Why is water intake important? How do you track water intake? Customized strategies for increasing water intake.

Why is walking important for weight loss? Physiological and psychological benefits of walking. How NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) affects weight loss. How to get more activity in your day WITHOUT exercising more.

Week 3) Protein intake and warming up.

What amount of protein might be right for you? What are good sources of protein?
Why is a warm-up important? What kind of exercises are included? Customized guidance on which exercises to use and how to use a warm-up.

Week 4) Veggie intake and bodyweight exercises.

What are good veggies to eat, and how much? Why are veggies important, especially for weight loss?

Customized strategies for exercising when you’re low on equipment or time, using bodyweight exercises.

Week 5) Carb intake and cardio.

Why are carbs important, and not scary? What are the right carbs for you, and how much?

The right way to do cardio for you, and why it’s important. How to fit

Week 6) Fat intake and strength training.

What is strength training, and what ISN’T strength training? Why is strength training important? Do you have any fears or hesitations surrounding strength training? This is where we can tackle the “bulkiness” myth.

Myths regarding fats and weight gain. Why are fats important for weight loss? What are good fats for you, and how much should you have?

Week 7) Tracking intake, how to measure progress, and mindset coaching.

Why is it important to track what you’re eating, and what are the easiest and most effective ways to do so?

How do we change our mindset to set us up for continued success, even when life makes it difficult?

What are the best ways to measure progress, and how do we think outside the box? How do we measure progress in workouts?

Week 8) Wrap it up.

What were some successes and road blocks? How do you move forward from here? How do you turn this into a lifestyle?


Total cost for the program is:

two payments of – $499 OR if paid in full – $898


  • Weekly homework assignments to put your new knowledge into practice
  • Weekly phone call check-in
  • Weekly email check in that includes articles, worksheets, and other reading materials
  • Available by email as needed

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