What is Online Personal Training, and Is It Right For You?

This article was published by Dylan Irving on: 03/21/18 1:40 AM

We’re moving further and further into an era where convenience is paramount.  How often do you use Amazon to deliver all your necessities and gifts rather than going to a store? Do you use a Kindle or other e-reader to read books or magazines? Are your groceries ordered ahead of time? Do you make reservations at a restaurant online?

The common thread here is the internet. You can now find almost anything you need online… including a wealth of information about fitness and nutrition. Type “how do I lose weight?” into Google and you’ll easily find yourself overwhelmed with information. What you want is the convenience of the internet, but what you want it for is losing weight, adding muscle, and generally improving your health. For some people, Online Personal Training is the answer you’re looking for. But how is Online Personal Training different from one-on-one personal training, small group training, and large group classes?

One-on-one personal training is when a coach spends time with you in-person to guide you through a workout. Sometimes a coach will include nutrition session as well for an extra fee. Per hour, this is the most expensive and time-consuming way to make progress toward your goals, but its a great way for super-beginners and those with injuries or other restrictions to get started on their fitness journey.

Small group training is up and coming in the fitness world, where groups of 2-6 people will work out with one coach. Nutrition may be offered either in a group setting or per individual for a fee. This option is more cost-effective than one-on-one personal training since you’re essentially time-sharing a coach for the session time, but typically workouts are less customized than one-on-one personal training sessions and you may get slightly less of your coach’s attention. This is a great option for people who are generally healthy and don’t have any physical limitations or injuries and have some experience with exercise.

Large group classes are one of the more popular methods of working out. Groups anywhere from 10-40 (or more!) attend a class with one coach and minimal equipment. These classes tend to be focused more on high-intensity workouts, but also include things like yoga classes. Nutrition is typically not offered as a part of these classes. These classes are inexpensive but also involve minimal or no personal attention. These classes are great for those who have little or no history of injury or other limitations and are looking for a little something to supplement their established and well-rounded exercise routine.

Online Personal Training is a relatively new and modern way to approach exercise and nutrition that is delivered almost exclusively online. A coach will design your physical activity plan and, in some cases, provide nutritional guidance as well. Some coaches also incorporate some kind of behavioral or lifestyle coaching and strategizing. For example, how to build working out into your busy routine, or strategies for sticking to your meal plan even when life gets stressful. Online Personal Training is great for the busy individual who has goals in terms of weight loss, weight gain, or general health improvement but doesn’t have the time to fit into a busy coach’s schedule.

Because of the power of the internet, Online Personal Training is great for both beginners and experienced exercisers and ends up being available for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one personal training, and about equal to or less than the cost of small group training.

Which category do you fall into?

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