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This article was published by Dylan Irving on: 04/10/18 7:35 AM

The information available about nutrition these days is simply overwhelming. If you looked right now, you could find an article citing scientific sources saying that a vegan diet is the best way to lose weight, and another article stating that the keto diet is the best for weight loss.

***I am not knocking either veganism or the keto diet, but I am knocking anyone who says that a specific diet is best for all people regardless of circumstance***

Because of the number of variables in each human life, there is no one diet or style of eating that has been found to be best for everyone. Here’s what a typical nutrition intake looks like as the first interaction with my clients:


There are a few goals sets that I hear most often: lose weight, gain weight, feel better/improve energy levels. You might even say that you’d like to lose fat and gain muscle, or lose fat and gain strength. You might only care about gaining strength and/or improving your balance. It almost doesn’t matter what your specific goal set is, but it is important to put thought into the why behind your fitness and nutrition journey.


Do you want to achieve your goals over the next 12 months or yesterday? While I will assist if you have an event-oriented goal (I want to lose 10lbs before I go to the beach, or I need to train for my 5th half-marathon), I would encourage you to consider what the rest of your life looks like after that event. Are you going to continue working out and fueling your body properly, or are you going to fall into a cycle of losing weight for events and gaining it back afterward?


What exactly do you eat during your day? Do you skip breakfast, or do you feel it’s your most important meal? What do you eat on the weekends, and how does that change depending on how busy you are? What is your water intake? Caffeine? Alcohol?


Do your job duties include taking clients to lunch meetings or happy hours? Are you constantly traveling for consulting or conferences? Do you spend 4 hours in a car per day, rushing from place to place? Does your family time or time with friends revolve around food or drinking? None of these social factors are inherently bad; as a coach I would help you plan ahead and account for these activities and events in your overall plan so you never feel left out or deprived.


Talking about past success or failure with dieting can highlight some important issues to go over before starting a new style of eating. If you’ve been dieting (or attempting to lose weight) for a long period of time without success you could be a chronic dieter, and this is an area of specialty for me.


If you’ve gotten in touch with me, chances are you’re ready to commit to working with a coach on a lifestyle change. However, you may not be ready for a complete, 180 degree turn around – and that’s okay! I’ll work with you to figure out the best way to start, whether that be small steps or bigger strides. The last thing you want to be is overwhelmed by change.

Once all of this information is collected, I decide what style of eating might be best for you. For most people*, I focus on small, sustainable changes first. Keep your eyes open for an upcoming blog series on best nutrition practices.

*If you’re a person with major health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, disordered eating, etc, you’ll need to talk with a doctor and/or a registered dietician before working with me. I recommend Nourish Family Nutrition as a great place to start. They even take insurance! Even if we can’t work together with nutrition I’m happy to provide guidance for fitness!

Are you interested in learning more about small sustainable changes now? Read more here, here, and here from three of my favorite nutrition sources: Precision Nutrition, Renaissance Periodization, and Girls Gone Strong.

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