Make it Hard To Fail

This article was published by Dylan Irving on: 03/13/19 8:49 PM

Or, make it easy to succeed.

Here’s an example:

I know that if I’m hungry, I’m likely to skip a workout. I know my workouts suck when I’m hungry, so I should go home and eat first because I won’t find what I need at a convenience store, and a meal from a restaurant will probably be too big. After I eat, I need to let it digest for a bit so I’ll do some work or get on my phone. I always do that for longer than I think I will, so by the time I look at the clock I’ll be cutting it too close to my next appointment. Maybe I’d only get part of my workout done, or I’d feel too rushed, and I hate that. Ehh, might as well not go to the gym today.

Sound familiar?

I’m not a magically-always-motivated-and-perfectly-disciplined human. I’m a functioning procrastinator, but I’ve noticed my own patterns and developed ways to interrupt them so I can be successful.

My solution here?

Pack. A. Fucking. Snack.

No matter if I think I’ll need it or not.

It takes me about 30 seconds per week to plan what I’m going to have for snacks, and less than 2 minutes to pack the snacks before I leave the house. Sometimes I do it the night before. Sometimes I do it as I’m about to leave.

I like string cheese and beef jerky. I love fruit and rice cakes. My hunger-beating snack is two pieces of low-fat string cheese, 1oz unflavored beef jerky, and a piece of fruit OR two rice cakes. High protein, low fat, moderate carb. It fits my goals, it’s delicious, and it takes less than two minutes to and pack.

I also pack snacks on days I don’t work out, so I don’t make poor food decisions while hangry.

This is a grand total of 14m and 30s out of the 168 hours in my week. The return on that investment is I don’t miss workouts, and I don’t buy cookies because I’m hangry. This means I’ll make it to my goals.

Do you see how major a return you get from a very minor investment?

Notice your patterns and come up with ways to interrupt them. Actively participate. Make it hard to fail. See how life changes.

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