Don’t Play Diet Hopscotch

This article was published by Dylan Irving on: 03/7/19 2:34 PM

Does your eating strategy involve you, excitedly, leaping from one style to the next?

Are you Keto one week, and doing a juice cleanse the next?

Paleo today, but tomorrow is IIFYM (if it fits your macros)? And then you forgot to eat breakfast, so now you’re doing intermittent fasting.

Are you having trouble reaching your goals?

You have access to A LOT of nutrition information. Every day, every moment even, you’re probably seeing a different nutrition coach or guru preaching about a “new” style of eating that guarantees results.

It’s natural to feel excited about these things. The messages are designed to be captivating.

I want you to know that most of these diets do work ***if they’re followed consistently.*** Studies have recently been published showing that MOST diets are created equal in terms of short-term success. Unfortunately, none of them is the magic pill we all want them to be, but it turns out that the most significant indicator of long-term success is consistency and ability to adhere to your program.

What does this mean?

You’re more likely to reach AND SUSTAIN your goals if you choose a style of eating that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Because we know that most diets are just about equal, it’s not a horrible idea to try a few of them out!


Trying it out means you dedicate 12 weeks to any one style of eating and collect the necessary data BEFORE deciding if you’ll move on to something new or stick with it. 12 weeks is the right amount of time to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and if it’s worth more of your time.

One week of trying something out doesn’t count toward anything. And if the diet is so horrible that you can only last one week, what the hell kind of diet is it, anyway?

Does 12 weeks sound like a long time? Well, if you’re 12 weeks closer to your goal as opposed to being zero weeks closer to your goal because you had the equivalent of diet ADD, did you really lose anything?

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